Vinyl Decal Instructions


STEP 1: Wash the area thoroughly with soap and water and dry right before you want to apply the decal. 

STEP 2: Prepare the decal for application by firmly swiping a squeegee tool or a credit card across the top of the clear transfer tape multiple times all over the decal.

STEP 3: Take a corner of the transfer tape and same corner of the backing and slowly peel apart away from one another. If the decal clings to the backing, slowly place back down on the backing and repeat step 2.

STEP 4: Slowly lower the decal in the desired place onto the surface and swipe it in place with a squeegee tool, credit card or firmly with a finger. We typically start from the middle and work our way to the sides. Continue swiping with a squeegee tool or credit card across the top of the clear transfer tape multiple times all over the decal on the item.

STEP 5: Slowly peel a corner of the clear transfer tape off at an angle. Be careful not to pull too quickly or pull the decal off the surface of the item. If the decal pulls away from the surface, slowly place back down on the item and repeat end of step 4.

– If you get an air bubble, use a squeegee or credit card to work the bubble out. If it is still there, let it sit overnight since a lot of small air bubbles will come out.

– Do not apply a vinyl decal on surfaces with extreme hot or cold temperatures.


– All items with a vinyl decal are recommended to HAND WASH (even if the item is 

dishwasher safe).

– Clean with non-abrasive sponge with cool/warm water & allow to air dry.

– Be careful when using tight cup holders or when placing your item in a bag with other objects that can scratch or rub against the vinyl.

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